Custom Sheet Metal Fabrication

Precision sheet metal fabrication is a specialty of Sel-Tech. As a custom manufacturer of aircraft assemblies including tanking systems, pylons, and on-board folding airstair systems for large aircraft, we adhere to the strict guidelines set forth by the FAA and our quality management system. A combination of precision sheet metal equipment and expert knowledge will get any job done to great customer satisfaction.

Whether your parts require rivets, welding or any other type of fastener, Sel-Tech has the right tools for the job. A large inventory certified hardware is kept in stock. If it’s welding that you require, we have certified welding per the D17.7 standard for stainless steel, 4130 steel, and aluminum.

The staff at Sel-Tech has many years of experience dealing with program management and fabrication of problematic aerospace and aircraft sheet metal manufacturing projects. Our planning and scheduling systems assure timely delivery of your job finished to military or your company specifications.

At Sel-Tech, precision sheet metal fabrication involves complex assemblies, including low pressure aircraft hydraulic systems and aircraft quality electrical wiring. If you have a fabrication concept which requires efficient prototyping with minimum drawings, we can make your idea a reality in a cost-effective manner, or we will work to your exact specifications as required by your type-design data.

From small scale jobs to large scale jobs, Sel-tech can create the necessary fixtures to get the job done per specifications. With the assistance of computer aided drafting and design programs, our staff can quickly troubleshoot design issues with prototypes and relay that information to the engineers.

Part Manufacturing

Sel-Tech is fully capable of producing all components in most assemblies. Our CNC press break and power slip roll equipment allow us to form or roll everything from aircraft skins and complicated profiles to simple brackets. We are a full process manufacturer capable of producing extremely precise parts and taking them all the way through their lifespan, from raw material to painted product.


Sel-Tech technicians have extensive experience in the aviation assembly field and are comfortable working with diverse products. Whether your product requires traditional sheet metal assembly techniques and fasteners or advanced material assembly, Sel-Tech has the knowledge to get the job done right the first time. Our technicians have the steady hand and attention to detail that is needed in this precision field.


Sel-Tech has the knowledge and experience to run a variety of tests on your product including functional testing, pressure testing, and electrical testing. You can rely on our testing to be some of the best in the industry and our attention to detail ensures that your product is properly tested and operational.